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We connect companies to their community on public offerings.

PrimaryBid gives individuals access to one-off public company fundraisings and IPOs on the same terms as institutional investors. We’ve raised over £750m through our digital capital raising technology, enabling 100,000+ investors to participate.

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For Individuals.

A community of 100,000+ individual investors getting equal access to company fundraisings at the same time and price as other investors.

"Arguably the biggest leap in shareholder democracy since the invention of the investment trust."

- Investors Chronicle Magazine

Thousands of people have signed our open letter to UK public companies in support of individual investor inclusion. Read and sign the open letter using the button below.

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For Companies.

PrimaryBid's goal is to enhance fairness, transparency and inclusivity in capital markets.

With over 130 deals under our belt, companies look to PrimaryBid’s team for seamless execution and best advice on digital stakeholder participation when capital raising.

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