PrimaryBid is a partner of the London Stock Exchange


PrimaryBid's goal is to enhance fairness, inclusivity and transparency in capital markets.
Galvanise interest from retail investors.

There are 5 million individuals in the UK investing directly in shares of publicly listed companies. Quoted companies cannot unlock these active investors during fundraises. PrimaryBid is the solution.

Our infrastructure seamlessly connects individual investors with publicly listed companies seeking capital to fund their growth.

In partnership with London Stock Exchange and Euronext, we can allow new and existing individual investors to participate in even the most accelerated processes.

Untapped Capital:

Understanding the retail investor pool
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Why raise with PrimaryBid.


Better outcomes

Retail shareholders represent an untapped pool of incremental capital that can add competitive tension to an institutionally-led order book.


Better governance

Companies have a duty to their entire shareholder base and retail investors deserve equal access to capital raisings as a matterof fairness.


Better liquidity

Retail shareholders broaden the depth and breadth of a company’s shareholder register; diversification away from institutions can enhance secondary market liquidity.


Better engagement

Fundraisings are not only about capital - they are an opportunity for a company to engage with key stakeholders at critical junctures of their corporate journeys.

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