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PrimaryBid Connect

What is PrimaryBid Connect?

PrimaryBid Connect is for the use of our clients that are firms, it is not for individual retail investors. It is a web-based platform for our distribution partners that provides an easy way to collect the information required to yield the best allocation for their clients, resulting in more assets under management/assets under administration for that firm. It allows firms to manage their clients’ participation in company fundraising offers using mobile or desktop.

Can I access PrimaryBid Connect on my mobile device?

Yes! The PrimaryBid Connect is compatible on mobile devices. Just enter http://connect.primarybid.com/ in your mobile browser and follow the usual steps to login and apply.

Can I submit feedback on my experience?

Yes please! If you have any thoughts on improvements to existing features, ideas for new capabilities or have discovered any bugs - please share them with us at [email protected].

Can I export data out of PrimaryBid Connect?

Currently, data is only available in read-only format. However, we are working hard to introduce additional features in Q4 2022, one of which will allow users to filter and export data outside of PrimaryBid Connect for internal purposes.


What is my password?

You don't need to create or remember a password to use PrimaryBid Connect. Instead, when you are logging in, a unique One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your email. Enter the OTP to authenticate and access the platform.

Why am I not receiving the password to my email?

Please make sure that the email you entered is the one provided when creating your PrimaryBid Connect account. If that's not the case, please go back and re-enter the linked email address.

Make sure to check your spam folder. If it still hasn't worked, please contact [email protected] for support.

How long is my One Time Password valid for?

For security reasons, we've limited the validity of your One Time Password to 10 minutes. In case it has expired, go back to the Login screen and enter your email address again to receive a new OTP.


Where can I find all closed offers?

You can find all closed offers on the "Offers" tab by switching the toggle to "Closed".

Tip: Some offers have a "View applications" button which you can use to locate historic applications placed for that offer.

Where can I find offer documentation?

You can find all offer documents attached to the offer announcement email that was sent to you when the offer went live.

Please note that by applying, you acknowledge that you have received offer documentation.

What do the offer fields mean?

PrimaryBid Connect displays key information required to identify and assess an offer:

  • Name of the issuer raising funds
  • Sector in which the issuer operates
  • Type of issuance (IPO, Placing, Bond)
  • Company ticker and exchange
  • Share price
  • Discount to the market price of shares (where relevant)
  • The minimum investment amount investors are allowed to apply for
  • Admission date where the stock becomes available for trading in the market
  • Estimated closing date of the offer

Additional fields displayed for Bond offers:

  • Issue price
  • Coupon rate
  • Coupon type (fixed/variable)
  • Coupon frequency (annual/monthly)
  • Maturity date

How will I be notified about new offers?

Notification of new offers will continue to be announced via email. If you haven't been receiving these - please email [email protected] and we'll be more than happy to include you.

In addition, you can always log into PrimaryBid Connect and view all live and closed offers anytime.


When adding new applications, why does the numbering always start at 1 even if I have placed an application before?

Every time you start a new application, the numbering starts from 1 onwards. This is to help you keep track of applications you're adding as part of the current flow.

When reviewing already submitted applications, the numbering reflects the order in which they have been submitted - including applications submitted by your colleagues. You can locate your applications using the timestamp, decision maker, or any of the reference fields shown for every application.

Why am I sometimes being redirected to the application page of a specific offer when I login?

When you access PrimaryBid Connect through the link you receive in the offer announcement email, this automatically redirects you to the application page of that particular offer. This feature was built specifically to help you save time by eliminating the need to locate the offer you want to apply to, and allowing you to start adding applications immediately after logging in.

What do the application fields mean?

PrimaryBid Connect allows you to enter the following details for every application:

  • Nominal/cash amount being applied for (or number of shares in the Netherlands)
  • Application type which is client type ( Retail, Elective Professional, Institutional)
  • Number of investors for the application (anything above 1 constitutes a pooled application)
  • Existing shares held in the issuing company by the investor(s)
  • Investor reference type and number used to identify the underlying investor who is applying (not applicable for pooled applications);
  • Client reference -  this is an internal identifier of your choosing to help you to identify the client or application
  • Membership number - this is a unique numeric identifier that can be used to link an underlying retail investor to the issuing company's community (relevant only to community IPOs)

Only the first three fields are mandatory.

How many applications can I add?

You are able to add as many applications as you want. However, we advise that you do not add more than 25 applications (5 when using a mobile device) during a single flow. This is to prevent any substantial loss of data in case you experience connectivity issues. Fewer applications may also make it easier to navigate between the screens and ensure there are no mistakes.

Can I edit applications?

Once an application has been submitted, you cannot make changes to it. If you've made an error which needs to be corrected, please refer to the FAQ entitled "I have made an error submitting an application - what can I do?".

If your client wishes to increase their demand, feel free to add an additional application on their behalf with the incremental amount.

How can I split my demand to take into account preferential allocation? (NL only)

Multiple applications should be created to distinguish demand that is under and over the preferential allocation amount/limit.

For example let's assume:

  • The preferential allocation/limit is at 250 shares
  • A total of 1,500 clients have applied for 305,000 shares
  • Out of which 1,000 clients have applied for more than 250 shares each for a total of 300,000 shares
  • Out of which 500 clients have applied for less than 250 shares each for a total of 5,000 shares

You should then create two applications with the following information:

Application 1

  • Number of shares: "300,000"
  • Number of investors: "1,000"
  • ECP client reference: "Over pref. limit"

Application 2

  • Number of shares: "5,000"
  • Number of investors: "500"
  • ECP client reference: "Under and incl. pref. limit"

Historic Demand

Where can I find information about historic offers with submitted applications?

Offers with submitted applications are shown under the "Applications" tab, which you can find on the navigation bar.

If you want to find detailed information about each application, click on the button located underneath every offer card. This will take you to a screen where you can review information about each application for that offer submitted by yourself or your colleagues.

If you cannot find an offer you are looking for, this means no applications have been submitted whilst it was live. You can find all closed offers on the "Offers" tab by switching the toggle to "Closed".

Can I see applications that I have placed via Connect API / email?

Currently, only applications that have been successfully placed via PrimaryBid Connect appear on the Applications tab. Any unsuccessful applications or those placed via a different channel do not appear within PrimaryBid Connect.


Who can I contact for additional support?

For any urgent, time-sensitive & offer-related queries - please call our dedicated account management team who will be happy to assist you at +44 20 3026 4750

For any application, allocation or settlement related queries - please email our Operations team at [email protected]

For general queries on working with PrimaryBid or feedback on PrimaryBid Connect - please email our Partners team at [email protected]

I have made an error submitting an application - what can I do?

To fix any errors for a submitted application, please contact [email protected] who will be able to assist you.

For urgent queries, please call +44 20 3026 4750

Please note: these channels should only be used to fix any urgent issues. Any regular changes to client demand are not accepted after an application has been submitted.

I lost connection as I was submitting applications - how do I know if they were successful?

We safeguard against any loss of data by preventing you from automatically leaving PrimaryBid Connect in case you lose connection. Once it's restored - you should be able to see all of the information you were entering before.

If you are not sure whether your applications have been successfully submitted - simply navigate to the Applications tab, locate the offer and search for your applications. All applications shown there have been successfully submitted.


How will I be notified about allocations?

All allocation details will continue to be announced via email.

In addition, we are actively working on including allocation data into PrimaryBid Connect - watch this space for more updates!

How are allocations determined?

The allocation policy is determined solely by the issuing company in consultation with the Banks and the Investment Advisor. PrimaryBid supplies issuers with additional data behind retail demand to ensure the best possible allocation is received.


How is settlement of shares handled?

We will use the settlement details (SSIs) you provided to PrimaryBid during your onboarding. All settlement matching is agreed via email. If there are any changes to your settlement details please contact [email protected] with the new details.