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Receiving my Shares

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Time required for this process varies depending on your broker. Trade and Settlement Dates must be agreed with your broker before we are able to transfer your shares. The timing for this is out of our control, but the transfer can be facilitated by following any specific instructions given in our allocation email, or any actions requested by your broker.

Some brokers do require you to let them know that you are expecting, or would like to receive, your shares into your General Investment Account. Please contact your broker to ask if you are unsure.

No. Shares will be transferred to your investment account

If your broker requires you to complete a stock transfer form, please fill in the details as below:

Broker: PrimaryBid
Address: 21 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BS
Phone number: 020 3026 4750
PrimaryBid Account number: Can be found in your allocation email

The Admission Date for your shares can be found in your allocation email. This is the date that your shares are made available to transfer so therefore, you should expect your shares in your broker account after this date.

The time it takes to transfer shares into your broker account may vary depending on the settlement procedures of your broker.

Yes, but only if you apply for shares through your broker. Unfortunately, due to HMRC rules, if you apply for shares through our mobile application, you will not be able to receive your shares in your ISA or SIPP account.

If your broker is already working with PrimaryBid, you can apply for shares directly through your broker. Ask your broker to transfer your shares into your ISA or SIPP account. Please contact your broker for more details.

If your broker doesn’t work with us yet, ask them to join PrimaryBid!

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