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Receiving my shares or bonds

When will I receive my allocation of shares or bonds?

The earliest time you are able to receive your shares or bonds in your broker account is on the Admission Date and timing for transfers may vary depending on the processing time of your broker.

The Admission Date is the date your new shares or bonds are created and this is decided on by the issuing company. You can find the admission date in your allocation email and also in the ‘Conditions’ section within the offer in our app or online.

If you have been allocated shares or bonds, we then have to contact your broker with your allocation and personal details to begin the transfer process.

Your broker will need to confirm if they are able to take the shares or bonds and they’ll need to make sure your personal details match their own records.

At this stage, your broker will reject the transfer if the information you have provided is not correct or if they can’t accept the transfer for any other reason. We’ll contact you in this instance.

Remember, your broker account must:

  • Be a General Investment Account (sometimes referred to as a dealing or funds and shares account) - we can’t transfer any shares or bonds directly into an ISA or a SIPP Account due to HMRC regulations.
  • Be a sole account in your name only - most brokers aren’t able to accept transfers into joint accounts.
  • Match the details that your broker holds - this includes your full name and address

If you need to edit your details after you’ve applied to an offer, please update it in the PrimaryBid app or online and contact our team as soon as possible. You can contact us here.

If your transfer is accepted, your broker will agree a Trade and Settlement date with us. The Settlement Date is the date that your shares or bonds settle with your broker (this can only be on or after the admission date reference above).

Your broker then has to allocate the shares or bonds to your account.
Timing for this may vary depending on the processing time of your broker.

Can I use my ISA or SIPP?

Yes, but only if you apply to an offer through your broker. Unfortunately, due to HMRC rules, if you apply to an offer through our app, you will not be able to receive your shares or bonds directly into your ISA or SIPP account.

If your broker is already working with PrimaryBid, you can apply for shares or bonds directly through your broker. Ask your broker to place your application to the offer from your ISA or SIPP account. Please contact your broker for more details. If your broker doesn’t work with us yet, ask them to join PrimaryBid!

An alternative is to buy the shares or bonds from us with a debit card and transfer them to a General Investment Account for the same broker where you hold your ISA or SIPP. You can then do a "Bed & ISA", a process where you sell the shares or bonds from your investment account and then immediately buy them back with ISA or SIPP funds. You would need to take advice as to whether any tax liability arises on the disposal and to confirm whether any costs would be incurred from your broker for dealing. You will need to contact your broker in regards to this.

What is the 'Admission Date'?

The Admission Date is the date on which your shares or bonds are made available to transfer, and will be included in your allocation email. However, the time it takes to transfer shares or bonds into your broker account may vary depending on the settlement procedures of your broker, over which we have no control.

Can I transfer my shares or bonds into a joint account?

As your PrimaryBid account is an individual account in your name only, the shares or bonds you are allocated are registered in your sole name. Transferring these to a joint account represents a change in the legal ownership which could potentially trigger a Tax liability. Most brokers won’t accept a transfer of shares or bonds on this basis. We suggest you contact your broker or other professional adviser for further information on this.

Can PrimaryBid hold or sell my shares or bonds?

No, PrimaryBid does not offer a facility to allow you to hold shares or bonds long term or to sell anything you have been allocated through our platform. As such, we require you to supply us with details of a General Investment Account in your sole name to transfer your shares or bonds, should you receive an allocation.

I have been given a form to fill out by my broker to transfer the shares or bonds. What details do I need for it?

If your broker requires you to complete a stock transfer form, please fill in the details as below:

Broker: PrimaryBid Ltd
Address: Fifth Floor, Office B3, 80 Victoria Street, Cardinal Place, London SW1E 5JL
Phone number: 020 3026 4750
PrimaryBid Account number: This can be found in the app under ‘Account’ then ‘Personal Details’

Do I have to inform my broker about the transfer of shares or bonds?

Some brokers do require you to let them know that you are expecting, or would like to receive, your shares or bonds into your General Investment Account. Please contact your broker if you are unsure.

Where are my Deliveroo shares?

Whilst PrimaryBid facilitated your participation in the IPO, we do not offer a facility to allow you to hold these assets long term or to sell the shares that you’ve acquired through our platform. Your shares have either been transferred to your chosen broker or they are being held in the Deliveroo Corporate Sponsored Nominee account that is operated on behalf of Deliveroo by Equiniti.

If you didn’t enter any broker details at the time you subscribed to the offer, or the transfer was rejected by your broker, your shares will now be held within your Deliveroo Corporate Sponsored Nominee account.

You will have received an email from Equiniti directly on April 7th 2021. That email contained your 'Shareholder Reference Number' and an 'Activation Code' which are needed for you to view or sell your shares. If you are unable to find this email please check your junk folder or contact Equiniti directly via email to [email protected]. All the information you need about managing your shares can be found on their website here.

If you gave us your broker details when you applied to the offer and your broker accepted the transfer request, your shares will have been transferred to your broker on April 7th 2021. For any questions related to managing your shares please contact your broker. If your broker did not accept the transfer request or your details were rejected, you will have received an email from us notifying you on April 6th 2021.

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