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Subscribing to an Offer

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The most common reasons for an unsuccessful payment are:

  • The address on your PrimaryBid account is different to the one which your debit card is registered to.
  • Attempting to pay with a credit card – we only accept debit cards.
  • Insufficient funds in your debit card account.
  • The payment has been stopped by your bank. We advise you to notify your bank of the transaction before attempting it, especially if you are subscribing for a large amount.

For all declined payments, we suggest you contact your bank first. If you are still experiencing payment issues, please contact our friendly customer service team via our contact form where we'd be happy to assist.

No, we only accept payments via debit card on our platform.

When you enter your subscription amount to participate in an offer, we calculate and display the nearest whole number of shares this would buy at the placing price. When you choose to proceed to payment, we calculate the actual amount to be paid by multiplying the number of shares with the placing price.

For example, XYZ plc is issuing shares at 13p per share. An investor chooses to subscribe for £5,000. This equals 38,461 shares at a total price of £4,999.93.

You can subscribe to an offer via the PrimaryBid App using a debit card.

Our payment provider is WorldPay, and all transactions will be in the name PRIMARYBID or PBECOMM. Once completed the transaction, you will receive an email from PrimaryBid confirming your payment.

Please note, if you do not receive a confirmation email from from PrimaryBid, your subscription is unconfirmed, and you will not receive any allocation of shares.

If you did not complete payment for any reason, you will need to restart the process on our mobile app. Neither PrimaryBid nor WorldPay store your payment details and if a payment is unsuccessful you will not be charged at any given point.

If you left the payment page before completing your subscription, you cannot reload the page and must restart the process on our App.

Yes, it is held by us in accordance with the FCA Rules. We will maintain a record of the cash and securities being held for you.

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