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PrimaryBid Connect API

A fully scalable and customisable solution

The PrimaryBid Connect API is a fully automated approach to connect your retail clients with primary market offers - at the same time and same price as institutional investors.

The PrimaryBid Connect API integrates with your technology backbone to allow for instant offer communication, submission, and tracking between you and your retail clients  - all without leaving your platform, hassle free!

We've helped distribution partners reach a wider addressable audience at scale


Key benefits for our partners

Automation and scalability

Automation at scale

Automate end-to-end offer operations at scale, driving increased participation, reduced internal workload and improved quality of order management.

Real time autonomous participation

Real time autonomous participation

The real time subscription process allows for improved bookbuild management.

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrated with your technology stack

Our API is built to streamline workflows and use cases on the backend to power your frontend interfaces.

Increase the reach

Increase the reach and penetration of your user base

Delivers enhanced customer satisfaction through preferred communication channels, whilst growing partner AuM and revenue.

Order transparency

Order transparency to drive favourable investor allocations

PrimaryBid's allocation engine ensures a robust allocation framework removing workload for partners.


Own the customer UX and communication

Our API allows partners to own the customer's experience - from onboarding to distribution.

How it works


Contact us and we will help set up your PrimaryBid Connect API user account. You will receive a set of credentials to start integrating with our API.



Develop a back-end integration to automate offer participation.



Create a front-end interface for your users to access and subscribe to offers.



Notify your users on new deals as well as successful allocations.


We’ll be helping you throughout the onboarding and integration process to ensure you have the right guidance and best practices to deliver a successful user experience.

For more information, please visit our Developer Portal.

In a context where savings must be, more than ever, put towards financing the real economy, PrimaryBid offers an innovative technological solution which provides retail investors with access to new forms of investment in listed companies.

Benoît Grisoni, CEO of Boursorama

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