About us

Connecting companies to their community of investors

Public markets were created to allow everyone to invest in and own companies they believe in. But the public has been missing out on valuable share offers for decades. Until recently, only institutional investors could access IPOs and follow-ons. PrimaryBid is changing that. We’ve created the technology to make sure public markets are inclusive, transparent and fair, as they were always meant to be.

Our principles


The guiding star in everything we do.


We wear the shoes of our customers, issuers and partners.


Making financial markets fair is why we exist.


We use our imagination to solve problems and achieve new heights.

Our story


Forging a new path

  • Two people with an idea
  • Launched our mobile app
  • Our 1st offer: Sound Energy plc

Backed by

London Stock Exchange Group
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Omers Ventures
Strategic Ventures
ABN AMBRO Ventures
SoftBank Vision Fund
Hambro Perks

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