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Common questions

Time required for this process varies depending on your broker. Trade and Settlement Dates must be agreed with your broker before we are able to transfer your shares. The timing for this is out of our control, but the transfer can be facilitated by following any specific instructions given in our allocation email, or any actions requested by your broker.

In the event that we cannot verify your identity automatically, you may be asked to provide further information before you can activate your account. In such cases, we aim to manually verify your account within 48 hours and may ask for a copy of your passport and recent proof of your address or another form of identification in order to do this.

The most common reasons for an unsuccessful payment are:

  • The address on your PrimaryBid account is different to the one which your debit card is registered to.
  • Attempting to pay with a credit card – we only accept debit cards.
  • Insufficient funds in your debit card account.
  • The payment has been stopped by your bank. We advise you to notify your bank of the transaction before attempting it, especially if you are subscribing for a large amount.

For all declined payments, we suggest you contact your bank first. If you are still experiencing payment issues, please contact our friendly customer service team via our contact form where we'd be happy to assist.

PrimaryBid is a platform that allows Private Investors to participate in new share placings by listed companies. Investors who register on our platform will be notified of new Offers as soon as they go live.

All investors will be notified by email, of if you download our App, you will receive a push notification to your phone or tablet.

You can create a PrimaryBid account through a quick and simple registration process via the PrimaryBid website or the mobile app. We will perform a simple Customer Due Diligence check and ask for some additional information before you can begin participating in a PrimaryBid offering. Here is the information we ask before you can complete the account opening process:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Nationality
  6. National Insurance Number
  7. Broker / General Investment Account Number

You can subscribe to an offer via the PrimaryBid App using a debit card.

Our payment provider is WorldPay, and all transactions will be in the name PRIMARYBID or PBECOMM. Once completed the transaction, you will receive an email from PrimaryBid confirming your payment.

Please note, if you do not receive a confirmation email from from PrimaryBid, your subscription is unconfirmed, and you will not receive any allocation of shares.

If you did not complete payment for any reason, you will need to restart the process on our mobile app. Neither PrimaryBid nor WorldPay store your payment details and if a payment is unsuccessful you will not be charged at any given point.

Once an application for shares has been made and accepted via PrimaryBid, an application cannot be withdrawn. We do not offer refunds on subscriptions. Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions as well as the offer details carefully before subscribing.

You can change your broker details at any time by going to ‘Profile’ then ‘Broker Details’. However, please note that changing your broker details online does not take immediate effect.

Changing your broker details after you receive an Allocation Confirmation will only change the transfer destination of your shares for future offerings that you participate in and not the current offering that you have subscribed to.

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